1. C. T. M:-

First is C:- it’s mean cleansing, clean your face with good face wash according your skin type.


Second is T:- Toning is very important in summer because is hydrate your skin for toning you can use natural rose 🌹 water πŸ’§ and you can also use toner according to your skin type.


third is M:- it’s mean moisturising, for flowless and smooth base, you have to apply moisturizer otherwise your skin look dry or cracky. You can also use aloveragel ( use moisturizer according to your skin type).



Use any good matte finishing primer for smooth skin.


Use any natural foundation on your skin color type, you can also use cc cream or bb cream for natural and simple looking face. Bland foundation with help of beauty blander, it’s give you natural finishing look.


highlighting to your bridge of Nose, To Bring Out Your Cheekbones, Forehead UnderEye, Chin, Cupid’s Bow. Bland with beauty blander. Now, use Liquid highlighter, then apply blush, then lock your natural makeup base with loose powder or compact.set your base with help of settingspray.


Now use nude Lipstick πŸ’„& complete your look using with single eyeliner and mascara.


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