Lips are likely to become chapped  and cracked during the winter and also summer when it’s dry and cold outside. Extreme heat or wind can also trigger chapping.

Fortunately, a few simple steps can help keep your lips soft and smooth. This lip care routine will help your lips stay in tip-top shape β€” no matter the season.

How to take care of your lip πŸ’‹:-

 While you might instinctively your lips to keep them moisturized, doing so actually leads to more dryness, Desai explains.

Licking can also cause yeast to build up on the lips. This may lead to a condition known as or painful inflammation at the corners of the lips.

 They key to healthy lips is using moisturizing product every day. If your lips are very dry, you may also want to exfoliate your lips 1–2 times per week.


Lip scrub :-

To make a simple lip scrub at home, use 1 teaspoon of honey 🍯,1/2 teaspoon of sungar,1teaspoon of coffee mix well and apply your lip gently scrub and removes it.


Lip oil:-

Use lip oil to protect your lips.

Home made lip oil :-

3ml of vitamin E oil.

3ml of jojoba oil.

Avocado oil.

10 drops of frankincense oil.

Coconut oil.

Almond oil.

Castor oil.

Olive oil.

Rose oil.

Some rose petals.


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