undoubtedly the double shade winged liner complete my daily look. Whenever I am apply wing eyeliner on my eyes. My eyes being a so attractive and charming. So let’s started.

How to apply double shade wing eyeliner:-

First prime your eyes with your favorite concealer and eye primer. And take a eyeshadow brush and use light shade of eyeshadow on your eyes.

  • Dip the angle brush in your eyeliner pot and place it on the outer edge of your eye creating an angle with your temples
  • Place the same brush over the line you just drew in an inverted fashion to create the upper curve of your wing.
  • Now take a shimmery purple eyeliner and draw a line upon first black color wing eyeliner. And use highlighter to highlight your inner corner of eyes & complete your look for useing mascara.

Now we started another wing eyeliner to create your look super gorgeous.:-

First prime your eyes with your favorite concealer and eye primer. Then take a eyeshadow brush use single pink eyeshadow and bland All over your eyes, also your under eyes area. Then, Take a Celeste color eyeliner &

Draw a line starting from the inner corner near the lower lashline, line extending it up and across your cease, ending with a flicked-out wing at the out corner. Then, trace another line to use same color across your top lashline and connect it to the top wing. And also use this Celeste color eyeliner on your lower eyelashes. Then complete your look for using highlighter.


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